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BIG BANG’s first tour since their Major Debut titled [BIGBANG ERECTRIC LOVE TOUR] started on February 10th at Yokohama Arena. It had been their first live concert in a while, which caused a great amount of excitement!

Moreover, with this live, there came a surprise! All of a sudden the three members of W-inds joined the band on stage, which was a great thrill for the BIG BANG fans as well. The packed hall of Yokohama Arena was getting a full performance of W-inds AND G-DRAGON!!

After their part of the show W-inds commented “It was really a lot of fun! It seemed like the we could really do this as one unit through the dance music.”

Moreover, W-inds new Album will be released on March 10th! There will be a collaboration with G-DRAGON, as well as the production with R&B star Ne-Yo and R&B producer Imai Ryosuke, a song of BACHLOGIC and a song produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT, all adding up to a fully packed Dance Music Album!



yong leaderPopular group Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon had great responsibility about group activities like a team leader.

G-Dragon said on a recent meeting with a journalist about his solo album, “I feel very sorry to the fans for the postponement of my solo album. However, Big Bang’s activities are more important than my solo album.”

G-Dragon’s solo album was due to be released in April or May at first. However, it was pushed back farther to August according to what Yang Hyun Seok wrote recently on the YG Entertainment official homepage.

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Kwon JiYong #22nd

If his composing skills aren’t overrated, Korean idols can be divided into two categories: “Before Kwon Ji Yong” and “After Kwon Ji Yong.” He has demolished the stereotypes surrounding idols with his “genius” image.

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■ 5月17日放送NHK「MUSIC JAPAN」に出演!
5月17日(日)23:30放送のNHK「MUSIC JAPAN」にw-inds.と一緒にG-DRAGONが出演します!

So it’s confirmed that GD will perfom with w-inds. in MUSIC JAPAN next Sunday, May 17th at 23:30. You can watch it on streaming since it’s NHK.

credit: susifq @ soompi

O_O whoaaa…anticipating for this performance~ but…Ji…you’ll be on stage on ‘THAT’ kind of HAIR???! =_=

Big Bang GDragon, who has been on an Europe trip recently, has ended the trip on 10th May.

After he ended the vacation, he headed straight for Japan to start on promotional activities like going on broadcast programmes etc.

YG Entertainment said on the 12th, “GDragon will go straight from Europe to Japan. He is currently in Japan and preparing to start promotional activities. When he will return to Korea, we have not decided yet.”

GDragon was on the Europe trip both as a getaway and also to study fashion for his upcoming album postponed to August.

credit: sookyung @ KBites

200812081805221132_1KBS show ‘Entertainment Weekly’, which has recently angered Big Bang fans with mistaking the composer to Big Bang song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon, has made an official apology.

They wrote an article on their viewers noticeboard on 11th May with the title ”To inform”. In the post it was written, “There is an error in the caption on our show on 9th May where we put up a caption saying ‘Lies (Big Bang) – Braves Brothers composition’.”

The production group said, “The song ‘Lies’ is composed by Big Bang member GDragon which it is arranged by the Brave Brothers. Our production group will be more prudent and pay more attention to such details in the future.”

credit: sookyung @ KBites

heavenlydragonBig Bang fans are angry with the program ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

On KBS, the episode of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 8th introduced the composer to Big Bang’s song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon himself.

According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, the composer to song ‘Lies’ is recorded as GDragon. GDragon did the lyrics and composition to the song, while ‘Entertainment Weekly’ had introduced the composer as the Braves Brothers, who did the song arrangement instead.

This comes with great anger since YG president Yang Hyun Seok has gone all the way out to explain rumours about GDragon’s song compositions lately.

And viewers have also commented on the show’s notice board, “The composer to the song ‘Lies’ is GDragon and not the Brave Brothers“, “Please do your research well before reporting”.
credit: sookyung @ KBites

GD needs his bestfriend (YB) like sunflower needs sunlight

GD needs his bestfriend (YB) like sunflower needs sunlight

“Taeyang-ee never ceases to amaze me. Off stage, he’s an innocent and quiet fella but once on stage, he is such a powerful presence and shows such impeccable performance that even I watch in awe. Sometimes I feel so proud of him I can’t believe that he is the YoungBae I know, my practice partner for 6 years.
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What would it be like if Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho and Big Bang GDragon were both to be on MBC Golden Fishery?

There has been a heated discussion amongst the netizens with a ‘MBC Golden Fishery’ parody series made.

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