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So did G-Dragon plagiarize or not?

*This was written by the music critic Kang Myungsuk, who’s the same guy that wrote G-Dragon’s 10 Line report and the in-depth article about Lies and Bigbang.

Law, original author, original work, trend, healthy music market, self-conscience and plagiarism. Right now in Korea’s music industry the word ‘plagiarism’ doesn’t only function as the word’s genuine meaning. The plagiarism dispute that started from G-Dragon’s solo album is being connected to the creativity of all Korea’s mainstream music.

On the Internet there were many plagiarism disputes about many of the singers who were making a comeback, and mass media is bringing up the problems about the creation process of Korea’s mainstream music. It’s been a long time since the problems about ‘referencing’ another musician’s song to make their own song has been brought up in Korean music related articles.

So to rephrase that, Korea’s music industry has been putting aside the problems about the ‘creations’ in our mainstream music. There is not even a standard for ‘creation’ that the creator, the media, nor the public has agreed on and there is no discussion about ‘what is original work in our music industry’. So because of that, plagiarism disputes happen – like popularity votes on the Internet and they decide on everything depending on the majority of the comments; after that storm, it becomes quiet like nothing has happened. If there are no standards for creation or plagiarism that the public can at least tolerate, these kinds of instances will keep happening again and again. This planned report is one of the perspectives about that standard, and continuing on to <10 Asia>’s composer special from a few months ago, it is an attempt to deepen the understanding between the creator and the public.

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