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teaser pics,

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find download link behind the cut…
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so many pics of him~….
isn’t he lovely…but still HOT?! muhahahaha~(and i want to be a bottle in a sudden!LOL)


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okay..(i’m still in frustrated on Ji’s new hair…) many people said his hair like ahjumma (old woman)…T.T
but hey~ whatever on his head, we still love the contents of his head right?! (his personality, creativity, skills, etc…etc…) haha~ urghhh…Ji…what’s next?! you enjoyed to saw us (VIPZ) got heart attack! >.<


MORE, under the cut!!!

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more, under the cut

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added more!!!

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this boy…ugh…so lucky for the people who study there,,, i want study at GyeongHee too~…>.<

more, under the cut!

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I think he’s kinda sick or something…he’s a bit pale, and sometimes looks very tired~~~ poor Ji

UPDATE! added more~

more, under the cut!

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Idol group Big Bang’s recent book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ is actually more a book about self-development than one that is of Big Bang’s autobiography.

That was what Big Bang members said when they were holding a press conference on 6th February in Seoul Press Centre for the release of the book.

Member DaeSung said, “This book is not about our success stories but rather our true thoughts and experiences that we go through this while.”

Leader GDragon, “Yes, like DaeSung goon has said it, this book is not about success stories. Many people see us as the Big Bang who are always at a good spot. But what if we tell you we were actually floating stars? People will understand how we got to where we are now through this book.”

Member TaeYang, “The things we dreamt about before we debut as singers, the pain and troubles that we go through after that, the book will introduce to readers all these one by one. The book talks about our dreams as singers and also the future that we dream of and want to chase after for.”

And member SeungRi said, “When Yang Hyun Seok’s representative told us about the plan for this book, we were doubtful at first. But we understood that this is not the book about what we have done well, but about the dreams of 5 teenagers and how they were actually realised. We hope to embrace readers with hope and courage.”

The book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ was released on 28th January, has risen up to the #1 best seller place. Until present a total of 160,000 copies are sold.

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the boys rehearsal at Japan???! i thought they were preparing for Big Show Concert in Korea…I missed them so much T.T


they filmed for a new show at amusement park!! each member wore mask!

I cant wait >.< and I wonder what is this kind of show…i bet its going to be a lot of fun!!!

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the dragon who always lookin so fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤


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