credit: bigbang fansite

– a dictionary comprised of newly-made words you CAN’T find in other dictionaries, but only here. WHY? cuz these words are made up by VIPz, & only VIPz use it in their everyday language.

– any kinds of words – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs… they obviously need to have GD in it to be in the GD DICTIONARY.

1) leave a comment with your proposed word.
2) the word should have GD in it somewhere; make it clever
3) make up a definition for it
4) it’s preferred that you add the type of word it is (is it a noun? a verb? adverb? adjective? etc.)
5) provide an example. use it in a sentence
6) provide a pronunciation guide in italics lol
7) no spelling errors. dictionaries should never have errors in them

& that’s it! have fun making up your own GDWORDS & using them in your everyday conversation. hopefully yours will appear on our dictionary!


NOUN: a subject
VERB: an action
ADVERB: modifies the verb (SLOWLY ran)
ADJECTIVE: modifies the noun (BIG house)

GDDAMNIT– (adv/adj) a retort used when one is very angry
Ex: “GDDAMNIT JIYONG, why are you so GDDAMN SEXY?!?!?”
Used by: gdluvzmc

GDBIAS – (n/v) being impartial to Kwon Jiyong
Ex: “My GDBIAS prevents me from dating other boys cuz no one can compare to my Jiyongie.”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Felt by: All
Number of boyfriends had b/c of it: None

GDMOMENT – (n) a moment in which one personally has a moment with G-DRAGON; a moment which describes a typical G-DRAGON experience.
Ex: “After being entranced by GD’s voice & beginning to daydream while listening to “We Belong Together” the English version, her GDMOMENT was killed when her phone rang & the boyfriend called. -_- “
Made by: gdluvzmc

GDRANDOMNESS – gee.dee.ran.dom.nes (n) when you’re feeling a bit out of the blue
Ex: “Pardon me for my GDRANDOMNESS. I’ve been staring off into space all day.”
Made by: momovip

GDPEOPLE – gee.dee.pee.pul (v) trying to socialize more; friendly
Ex: “I’m trying to share my experiences with you. I feel a bit GDPEOPLE today.”
Made by: momovip

GDNIGHT – gee.dee.nite (n) an expression used when wishing others (esp VIPz) a good night.
Ex: “I’m heading to bed you guyz, GDNIGHT!“
Inspired by: Gyang

OHMYGD / OMGD – / oh.em.gee.dee (n) an expression used when in exclamation of one’s excitement, shock, etc.
Ex: “OHMYGD… he just flashed his abs! x]”
Used by: numerous VIPz

GDHEAVEN – gee.dee.heh.ven (n) a special place VIPz go to when they metaphorically “died;” an expression used when fangirls get killed by cute GD moments.
Ex: “AHH! His smile! OMGD I just died, & went to GDHEAVEN. *faints*”
Inspired by: BBFTW
Visited by: ALL

GDADDICT – gee.dee.add.ikt (n) a person who is addicted to, or has a slight obsession of G-Dragon.
Applicable to: All of TEAM GD (hehe)

GDTASTIC – gee.dee.tas.tik (adj) when you’re feeling happy/excited.
Ex: “Big Bang’s coming to Southeast Asia, I’m feeling ultra-GDTASTIC!”
Inspired by: emryisvip

GDREASON – gee.dee.ree.zun (n) your knowledge/wiseness that pertains/is similar to that of G-Dragon.
Ex: “My GDREASON tells me that he must not be in a good mood today & wants to be left alone. 😦 “
Inspired by: momovip

GDHIGH – gee.dee.hi (n) the peculiar sensations one feels when seeing, hearing, or thinking of G-Dragon.
Ex: “Just the thought or slightest mention of Kwon Jiyong makes me crazy GDHIGH.”
Inspired by: fOreverGD

GDLOVE – gee.dee.luv (n) the sensations of feeling very excited/besotted when seeing, experiencing, hearing, or thinking of the love G-Dragon emits to others.
Ex: “Uwahh, how cute! Aaahhhh, the GDLOVE gets me every time!!!”
Inspired by: vipreirei

GDORK – gee.dork (n) a complete dork, but ridiculously adorable while being one, especially when doing things reminiscent of G-Dragon.
Ex: “Aww- she bought a lightsaber just like G-Dragon’s. She’s a complete GDORK.”
Inspired by: kVIPple

GDAZED – gee.dayzed (adj) to be totally hypnotized by every thing that is G-Dragon.
Ex: “Man, I was so GDAZED as I watched G-Dragon spanking that imaginary pony in that photoshoot!”
Inspired by: dkjfhajkdfhoi
Experienced by: Many

GDOVERLOAD – gee.dee.oh.vur.lode (n) when one is completely overwhelmed physically and mentally by images, videos, and/or audio clips of G-Dragon.
Ex: “OMGD! That was too much for me to handle… GDOVERLOAD! >.<”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Experienced by: Many

GDSPAM – gee.dee.spam (n/v) being attacked by numerous images, videos, and/or audio clips of G-Dragon; to spam attack others with numerous clips of G-Dragon
Ex: “Today, I totally GDSPAMMED Roxy, & she totally deserved it.”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Number of victims: numerous non-BB fans, especially boys.

GDATTACK – gee.dee.uh.tak (n) an uncomfortable or pleasureable sensation felt by those who just had an overwhelming amount of mixed feelings rushed into them all at once due to G-Dragon.
Ex: “Holy crud, don’t talk to me right now, i’m having a GDATTACK…”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Number of VIPz sent to GDHEAVEN b/c of it: too many to count.

GDictionary last updated: 10.25.08