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톱사마의탄죠비를기념하여 비끄방이직접케익을만들었다!근데망했어..ㅜ암튼 생일추카해 맹∼∼
“To celebrate Top-sama’s birthday, we made a BIG BANG cake! But it looks really ugly..ㅜ Oh well, Happy Birthday~~”

“TOP-sama’s Birthday!”



“굿모닝∼^^ 오늘버터플라이뮤직비디오가공개되었어요 시간날때한번씩보세요ㅎ 그럼좋은하루^^”
“Good morning~^^ Today the Butterfly Music Video was released, at once it’s time to wake upㅎ Have a good day^^”

Translations: alee @

Shrek~ Looks so perfect

굿모닝 전이제일어났어요ㅜ인기가요준비하러나가야되요 열심히할테니많이봐줘요^^그럼잘자고있어∼이따봐!
Good morning I woke up just nowㅜ I gotta get ready to go to Inkigayo watch me closely^^ Sleep well~ bye~

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늦은밤미안~^^; 저도이제자려구누웠어요 너무가호사진만올린것같아서 작은서비스하나..ㅎ지금승리랑강심장이란예능프로를모니터했어요.승리가저보다낫네요ㅠ역시예능은힘들어ㅜ창피해라ㅎ저흰음악열심히할께요!ㅎ 그럼굿나잇^^
I’m sorry if im bothering u this late~ ^^ I’m lying on my bed right now to to to sleep soon! I think i uploaded too many photos of Gaho so this is my own little fan service. I just saw Seung Ri and Kang Shim Jang entertainment program, Seungri is way better than me T_T Getting used to entertainment program is just so hard T_T *embarassed* I will participate more on music!! Good night ^^

translation: Jin Seo
post taken from: ncly @ soompi

보스랑가호랑∼!둘이이제사이좋게지낸다ㅎ 근데가호가보스밥까지다먹긴했지만..둘다그만좀크자 힘들어ㅜ
This is Boss and Gaho! These two are getting along with each other very well even though Gaho stole Boss’s food and ate them all. Damn u guys are growing/getting big, I’m tired!

translation: Jin Seo
post taken from: ncly @ soompi

잘자고있어요?전이제스케줄끝나서들어왔어요 정신없는한주∼;가호는항상이리도편하게두다리쭉뻗고자요 맨날..개팔자가상팔자라더니ㅡㅎ오늘은모두굿밤되시길 안녕 스윗드림★
Are you sleeping well? I just finished with my schedule for the whole week and came in∼; GaHo always comfortably stretches out his two legs and falls asleep always..They say a dog’s good fate is good for fortuneㅡ Today I hope everyone has a good night. Bye sweet dreams★

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오랫만에 날씨가좋아서 한강을다녀왔어요 땀도흘리고간만에 나왔더니 좋네요. 그나저나 가호가 엄청 커버려서 이젠못안고다녀요..휴다들좋은하루되세요^^..또연락할께
“It’s been a long time since the weather has been nice, I came back to the Han river and sweated a little. Gaho has gotten big so usually I don’t hold/carry him anymore..Everyone have a nice day^^..I’ll be back soon.”

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G-Dragon’s Update: [Sept. 10th, 5:28 AM] The last time before the summer ends! Everyone, give your body an escape from everyday life too~^^ It was great V

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살며시내침대로와∼∼♬ 근데난베게가아냐..휴
Gently on the bed with me∼∼♬ But i’m not a pillow..phew

전지금열심히뮤직비디오를찍고있어요 조금만기다리시면만나볼수있을것같아요 열심히하겠습니다!그리고제가늦게소식을접했네요 고인의명복을빕니다.다같이기도하는시간가져봐요
Right now, I’m working hard to film my music video. If you wait just a little bit longer, I think you’ll be able to meet it. I will work hard! And I am reading(?) the news late, I plead for the good to the souls of the deceased. Let’s all take some time to pray.”

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디데이기념 본인인증샷!화이팅^^
In celebration of D-Day a selca photo! Fighting^^

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[Aug. 17, 2:47 PM] It’s been a while, everyone. It’s D-DAY 1!

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G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 11th, 6:46 AM ] Are you sleeping well? I’m still working hard on shooting (the music video). I took this picture in Japan because the rainbow was so pretty *chuckles* Anyway, good night everyone^^ Ah, and you know that I’ll reveal

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G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 10th, 1:14 AM]Ah, which song should I release first.. It’s a hard decision, hm.

G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 10th, 3:03 AM]I’ve decided. It’s not the title song, but it’s a song that tells my, Kwon JiYong’s, feelings, Dear Boy

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R.I.P. M.J. Yes, I am home now. It was very tiring, but I’m having fun making the music video. I will hurry and sleep now and bring you all kinds of news again tomorrow. G2 will continue on. Good night everyone^^

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[Aug. 8th, 3:24 AM] Can you guess what this is~? For your info, I’m shooting my music video right nowTT For those who get it right you’ll win a cd.. heh

[Aug. 8th, 12:10 PM]Good morning~ This is the bed I always sleep and wake up in *chuckles* Isn’t it cool? Then G2 starts again now!

[Aug. 8th, 4:08 PM]Hello (we’re) Big Bang!!! kk

[Aug. 8th, 7:36 PM]Now where could this be? *chuckles* Ah, it’s tiring, but I’m doing my best, so please continue looking forward to it^^

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