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BIG BANG’s first tour since their Major Debut titled [BIGBANG ERECTRIC LOVE TOUR] started on February 10th at Yokohama Arena. It had been their first live concert in a while, which caused a great amount of excitement!

Moreover, with this live, there came a surprise! All of a sudden the three members of W-inds joined the band on stage, which was a great thrill for the BIG BANG fans as well. The packed hall of Yokohama Arena was getting a full performance of W-inds AND G-DRAGON!!

After their part of the show W-inds commented “It was really a lot of fun! It seemed like the we could really do this as one unit through the dance music.”

Moreover, W-inds new Album will be released on March 10th! There will be a collaboration with G-DRAGON, as well as the production with R&B star Ne-Yo and R&B producer Imai Ryosuke, a song of BACHLOGIC and a song produced by YG ENTERTAINMENT, all adding up to a fully packed Dance Music Album!



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Big Bang GDragon will reveal this performance of ‘I Know’ by Seo Taiji and Boys.

Coming 25th October on SBS Inkigayo, GDragon will be doing a special performance of ‘I Know’ by Seo Taiji and Boys.

Already on 18th October, he has revealed a special performance of ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson with his transformation with cute wavy hairstyle. This time he will be back with a different kind of special performance.

Also he will be revealing a different performance concept for ‘A Boy’ as compared to his performance last week.


Male singer – Drunken Tiger, Rain, Lee Seung Chul, GDragon, MC Mong

House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra), Son DamBi (Saturday Night), Clazziquai (Love Again), 4Minute (Muzik), GDragon (Heartbreaker)

MV Director Seo HyunSeung (Heartbreaker, Breathe, Strong Baby, Where u at, Fire), Jang JaeHyuk, Jo SooHyun, Joo HeeSeon, Hong WonKi

Artist of The Year GDragon,….etc.

Song of The Year G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

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G-Dragon was seen at Beyonce’s ‘I AM WORLD’ tour in South Korea, after the sexy diva had been absent for two years. Perharps because of the cold weather G-Dragon was seen with a heavy jacket and a scarf, and without his perm. G-Dragon, Se7en and Sean were seen at this concert together.

Beyonce’s new album released on October last year, “I AM SASHA FIERCE” number one on the Billboard Albums chart, was pieced together brilliantly. Her tour ‘I AM…TOUR IN SEOUL!’ will last 2 days, on October 20th and 21st, and held in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

Korean article: Sportsseoul
Credit: Sammi@iBigBang


GDragon will move on to promote the song ‘A Boy’ from his solo debut album.

Coming 18th October on SBS Inkigayo, he will be performing the followup hit ‘A Boy’ from his solo album for the first time. He will also be performing a special dance performance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ on Inkigayo that day.

The lyrics to the song talks about the truthful feelings of GDragon from when he started training at the tender age of 13 until present.


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[1st concert show] Sat,Dec 5th 2009(7:00p.m.)
[2nd concert show] Sun,Dec 6th 2009(6:00p.m.)

Venue: Olympic Park Stadium
Ticket price: 77000 won
Organizer: YG Entertainment

Ticket Information:


-Reservation Dates open:
[1st concert show]
Sat, December 5th, 2009 7:00 p.m. – “Wed, October 28th, 2009 8:00 p.m.”
[2nd concert show]Sun, December 6th, 2009 6:00 p.m.- “Fri, October 30th, 2009 8:00 p.m.


Boy band Big Bang leader G-Dragon, recently promoting his first solo album, has been voted the most overrated singer-songwriter.

According to a week-long online poll carried out on over 15,000 people starting September 22 on portal website, 52.6 percent of respondents said the 21-year-old was the most overrated.

G-Dragon has been widely recognized as a prominent songwriter since his debut, composing several of Big Bang’s hit songs and his own recent solo single “Heartbreaker” which remained atop music charts for over a month.

However, Sony ATV and the singer’s agency YG Entertainment have been in a dispute over Sony’s claim that G-Dragon plagiarized Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, leaving fans confused and in heated debate over the accusation.

Singer and producer Park Jin-young, founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, followed in second place, receiving 6.8 percent of the votes.

Park has a number of hit songs and discovered some of Korea’s most popular singers including Asian pop sensation Rain and the Wonder Girls. But he was also at the center of controversy in the past for his seemingly sexually explicit lyrics and accusations of plagiarism.

Member Lee Min-woo of six-member boy band Shinhwa came in third with 6.5 percent of the votes.

credit : Jessica Kim
post taken from: minky@

There has been an issue of plarigiarism regarding G-Dragon’s solo album title song, Heartbreaker.
How come YG has not released an official statement regarding this issue?

– Apart from the part of this issue, as a person who loves music, and as a producer who is taking part in improving
popular music industry, I apologize from deep below. The reason why YG and G-Dragon did not release a statement
up till now, is because we heard that the publishing companies have sent the music file to the original composer,
and we have been waiting for a reply.
We did not think it was right to release our opinion before the composers have.


On the first weekend of December, there will be G-Dragon’s solo concert. It will be held in Olympic Gymnastics
Stadium, and there will be two concerts.
A detailed notice will be posted up soon, and the ticketing will be done after the Chinese new year.

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SBS’s new show “Strong Heart” (’강심장’) will have Kang ho dong as the MC, and his partner will be Lee Seung Gi.

SBS’s press released on the 22nd, “Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong from ‘1 night 2 days’ will be starring together to raise a lot interest in this show. We’re expecting a lot from them.” Kang Ho Dong will be strongly pushing the power, and Lee Seung Gi will be responsible for the smooth and intelligent image.

‘Strong Heart’ will have a large-scale gathering of over 24 guests, where they will talk about their own personal stories.

The PD mentioned, “MC Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi were double casted for a new stong sense of freshness. The viewers hope for a new fresh breathing feeling.”

“Strong Heart” will have its first recording on September 24th. Monday night at 9 a red carpet event will be held in front of the SBS building. Some of “Strong Heart” first guests will be, G-Dragon, Tablo, Yoon Ah, Kim Tae Woo, Baek Ji Young, Solbi, Jang Yoon Jeong. The first broadcast is scheduled for October 6th.

korean article:
translation: Alee @

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has confirmed a report saying it is in the process of taking legal action against four songs it claims were plagiarized and released in the albums of YG Entertainment’s singers.

MBC’s “Current Affairs Magazine 2580″ show aired on September 20 had reported Sony had sent YG a notification which prohibits the use of the music without permission.

“We sent a warning letter to YG and the songwriters of the respective songs on September 17 and are now waiting for a response,” said Sony in a press release on Monday.

Music experts had concluded that not only were G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” and “Butterfly” plagiarized, but Big Bang’s “With U” was largely similar to Joe’s “Ride Wit U” and 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” had noticeable similarities to Lionel Richie’s “Just Go”, Sony explained.

Listeners had pointed out “Heartbreaker” and Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, and “Butterfly” and Oasis “She’s Electric” sounded alike from the moment the leader of boy band Big Bang released his first solo album in mid-August. “Heartbreaker” has remained atop music charts for over a month.

Popular girl group 2NE1 also ranked No.1 with “I Don’t Care” and Big Bang’s “With U” was listed in their Japan debut album.

Both groups are managed by YG, one of the most successful talent houses in Korea.

Sony holds 10 percent copyright ownership to “Right Round” and 100 percent ownership to Oasis “She’s electric”.

credit : Jessica Kim of
post taken from: Minky @

Amidst of all the plagiarism saga that Big Bang GDragon is going through, many are concerned about his future broadcast activities.

GDragon’s debut solo ‘Heartbreaker’ has been accused of plagiarism for having a portion of 5 seconds to the song sounding similar to singer Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. Following that, Sony ATV has issued a warning to YG Ent on 21st September regarding the plagiarism of the song.

But YG Entertainment said, “GDragon’s schedule will go on as usual. He will appear on stage in the day and continue to write music at night.”

GDragon gives off a special type of charisma as a singer on stage but offstage he is just another youth in his 20s.

But in this incident of plagiarism accusations, this singer is in the centre of all accusation arrows. It is not important if he plagiarised or not. Before the conclusion on whether it was plagiarism is set, netizens should spare this singer some of their malicious judgement and comments.


Sony ATV Music Publishing will speak up about the case of plagiarism accusation against Big Bang G-Dragon who is currently promoting solo.

Sony ATV Music Publishing (Sony) said on 21st September, “We will be releasing our official stand about the case of similarity between ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Right Round’, and ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s electric’.”

And also on MBC ‘Current Affairs Magazine 2580’ aired on 20th September, it was reported that Sony has sent a warning letter to YG Entertainment on the 17th. Not only so, 2 other songs produced by YG Entertainment Big Bang’s ‘With U’ and 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ were also warned for use of musical source without permission.

With that, while the music experts and original composers judge if the songs are plagiarised, the warning letter issued will prohibit the use of the song until further notice.

Previously on 21st last month, Sony has revealed that they will judge if the similarities in the song rules plagiarism. And that they will establish an agreement with the original composers to the songs ‘Right Round’ and ‘She’s electric’.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has not released their official stand on the case.


Big Bang GDragon has been labelled as a ‘herbivorous guy’.

GDragon did a test on how much of a ‘herbivorous guy’ he is on the show SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolated aired on 19th September.

It has been known that GDragon has become the new representative of ‘herbivorous guy’ in the entertainment zone with his unique fashion sense.

GDragon was asked to answer a series of questions with ‘O’ or ‘X’ answer – “I have a lot of girl friends but there is no case of development into lovers”, “I can hold a computer dinner with alcohol’ etc. And most of his answers were ‘O’ and MC Kim JungEun has labelled him as a ‘perfect herbivorous guy’.

During this episode, GDragon also performed his solo songs like ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘This Love’.

Meanwhile, GDragon continues with the ‘GDragon tsunami’ phenomenon, the song ‘Heartbreaker’ is doing well up on music charts and music shows rankings.

*PS: ‘Herbivorous Guy’, according to Korean Wiki, is to describe someone who does not appeal very strongly as an opposite gender to female, but is known to be active in his interests and hobbies, and rather passive when it comes to females or lovers.

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omona~ the mv will be released soon~!!!!!! but yeah.. its on Eid Celebration day~ seems i cant watch it… but hopefully i still get to watch that…

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and yeah…about the MV itself.. i hope it will be sexy..dreamy..and lust.. XDDDDDDD

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but for the truth, i prefer BREATHE than HEARTBREAKER…dunno why, i’m quite addicted to breathe..more cathcy than heartbreaker i guess~

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