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It is difficult to describe G-Dragon (21, Kwon Ji-Yong) in a word. He is the leader of an idol-group from YG entertainment, and known as ‘perfectionist Ji-Yong’ or ‘Jingyo’ among the fans. He is good at not only lyric-making but also in composition, and is also a fashionista who makes everything from scarves from sunglasses he put on as major triends. He can pull off the extremes of lovely bang hair to shocking mohawk hair. To summarize, he is way too powerful as an idol, but too lovely as a musician.

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source: seoulbeats
credit: dolce@asianfanatic

It’s no secret to VIPs that their beloved leader is all about “high fashion”. G-Dragon has always been open about his passion for fashion which includes owning designer products from Chanel, Martin Margiela and Dior Homme.

Just recently, G-Dragon was seen sporting several expensive brand names while performing during their latest concert. Among these items were a Chanel headband worth 600, 000 KRW (435.98 USD), a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers worth 1,360,000 (988.23 USD), and a set of LV wristband for 500, 000 KRW (370.59 USD).

The Big Bang leader has won award (A awards) in Korea for being one of the most influential men in the field of Music and Fashion.



as purple addresed him in G♥Ye fandom as a ‘Kwon Chic’, Ji got his own style (and its expensive ones^^;)..gah~ I’m too scared to saw those digits of price! >.<

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We Belong Together 2006 – a cap (looks like a Bape), pink shirt, necklace….the GANGSTA looks in 2006 (a gangsta but still had a cute smile on his face?! ah~)

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Be Like Jung Woo Sung, Jo In Sung, Lee Byung Hun, and G-Dragon. All you have to do is put on eyeliner. These famous stars opt for the “smoky eye” look, where you almost look like you’ve been punched in the face but not terribly hard. Here is a very quick and easy tutorial:
1) Buy the blackest eyeliner you can find; drugstores usually carry them for under $5.
2) Draw a thick line on top of your eyelid. Draw a thinner line under your eye.
3) Take your hands and rub your eyes like crazy.

Voila! Photoshoot worthy eye makeup.

There are a few tips to increase your sexiness of course…obtain a peregrine falcon and stare at it evilly, cigar in hand or paint a tattoo on your index finger and stare out mournfully into space. But whatever you do, don’t paint a fake eyelash under your eye… then you’ll just look stupid.

Source: allkpop

look! the mighty-SHITty-stupid-big head ALLKPOP are talking…..

(News on: Aug 27 2008)
A lot of netizens / VIP’s are talking lately about Big Bang member G-Dragon’s controversial shirts. He stirred up some controversy when during the MNet Choice Awards he wore a shirt that had stickers of “I ❤ Sex”, “69”, and “F#ck You Too.” A similar reaction also occurred when he wore a shirt of a bare breasted lady during a live performance not too long ago.

Netizens / VIP’s are also talking about G-Dragon’s fashion sense or lack thereof. In recent photo shoots he was seen wearing a weird outfit (that you can see below). He’s also been criticized for sporting a haircut that resembles a half eaten pineapple. It seems it was clearly influenced by The Supreme Kai of Dragon Ball Z:

Some are suggesting that the mental patient he plays in “Oh My Friend” isn’t far off from the truth. On some message boards, VIP’s are suggesting that G-Dragon is trying to steal the spotlight. Suggesting that he’s trying to be the “main man” of Big Bang and that he knew that the actions he took would get people to talk about him. Well it seems to be working, but the talk hasn’t been positive. Which is unfortunate because here’s a little secret, I’m a big fan of Big Bang, not G-Dragon in particular but the whole group makes pretty good music.
Source: allkpop

057 gosh~, allkpop…man….its just fashion…you hear me? FASHION! i said


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