This is dedicated to our dorky-sexy, the mighty Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon…
yes, its all about the G’s.
dont be too fast in dissapointed, because I might create this blog with some reason…the pics, the videos, and others are to pleased all Dragon’s hardcore fans~~~
maybe, some of the pics arent appears here, why?well, its all because my own taste n i had to decided which good or bad…


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“me and my blowfish face” …muhahahahhaaa~
*cough*…hi…i’m xander…but my real name is Sandra (dont ever call me sandy!). generally, i’m an ordinary young and untalented architect (and i cant believe i could say this!)
i’m a mood-swings girl, emotional also. but insensitive on the otherside..hahah~
i like BIGBANG since i watched “I am Sam” drama…i fell for TOP in the beginning. but know, *sigh* see?! i’m crazy on this boy, Kwon Ji Yong .
i cant resisted on his charms, his cuteness, his sexy aura, his fashion taste…everything.
gosh, i need to stop blabbering…okay! xander sign out!
for anything, just email me at:
enjoy this blog!!! ^^ and…dont mess with me kay…coz i can bite you till death…fosho’~


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