Amidst of all the plagiarism saga that Big Bang GDragon is going through, many are concerned about his future broadcast activities.

GDragon’s debut solo ‘Heartbreaker’ has been accused of plagiarism for having a portion of 5 seconds to the song sounding similar to singer Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’. Following that, Sony ATV has issued a warning to YG Ent on 21st September regarding the plagiarism of the song.

But YG Entertainment said, “GDragon’s schedule will go on as usual. He will appear on stage in the day and continue to write music at night.”

GDragon gives off a special type of charisma as a singer on stage but offstage he is just another youth in his 20s.

But in this incident of plagiarism accusations, this singer is in the centre of all accusation arrows. It is not important if he plagiarised or not. Before the conclusion on whether it was plagiarism is set, netizens should spare this singer some of their malicious judgement and comments.