Big Bang member GDragon reveals the time during his school days where he sings about his heartbreak on MBC Every1 ‘Star The Secret’.

GDragon started out as a child talent at 5 years old, and was training under YG Entertainment since elementary school days. But as compared to his singer days, there was not much revealed to the public about his pre-debut days. There was a point in the past when GDragon was called the genius rapper, gaining spotlight and he had dreamed to be a hiphop boy.

GDragon had debuted in when he was in elementary year 6 in the project album for indie and over round rappers called ‘Year 2001 Korea’ as the main rapper.

But amongst the other rappers who worked with him in the album, there was much objection to having a 13-year-old as the main rapper on the album. It was a hard time for GDragon with all the accusations and objections, but after the album was released, all that had disappeared as GDragon’s capabilities became known to many. And the producer in charge back then said, “How can an elementary school student rap like this? Is his mother a black? He had pre-natal hip hop training? It was like he had something special about him.”

There was also a video revealed featuring him in a musical when he was in middle school. There were also photos of him looking a little rusty and not so fashionista when he was in middle school revealed, and also the song ‘That person’ he wrote about his heartbreak after breaking up with the girl whom he had his first kiss – all that will be revealed on the show on 16th September.