or i will password protected to all downloads!


UPDATE! 22.09.09


Again….Nile_Lata had remixed heartbreaker album…and giving me the link to download…aaaaaah~ i cant say anything, so speechless about it,
download here


Famous album…WHY? before it released, its already being a gossip on netizens about his plagiarism issues…HELL YEAH, dont buy it if you DONT LIKE! DONT HEAR it also if you THINK that he is a PLAGIARISM! so simple eeh? but i think this album awesome…so colorful in genre~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
click at album picture to download!

comment after taking! thanks
here, to download Heartbreaker super HQ MV!

GDragon Special Stage (REMIX by NiLe_Lata a.k.a Jes)

one of my fellas do the remixed…its like whoaaa…incridibles!
click here to download!

the rapping parts of GD back then (when he was young!) and its blended nicely…

My Heaven

(click on the picture to download)
credit picture: bigbang_media @ livejournal

Bigshow Album

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(click at the picture to download) yay yay!!! b…bbb…i…g…showw~~ sofar, i like only look at me, as if nothing’s wrong, haru haru, make love, last farewell, lies….and the remixes are great!!!

Rain is Falling – W-inds feat. GD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
japanese group, W-inds collaborated with our lovely GD…i like his raps on this song…but, overall , this song not quite catchy on my ears~ LOL
rain is falling_w-inds ft. GD

Lollipop – Bigbang & 21

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
digital single of female bigbang, “21”………written by teddy and produced by GD (yay!) lolli lollipop~~~~ stuck in my f***in brain!
Lollipop – BB & 21

So Fresh So Cool – Hite Beer CF song

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

audio ripped from bigbang’s latest CF song. Hite Beer CF, So Fresh So Cool…enjoy ^^~
so fresh so cool

Strong Baby feat. GD inkigayo 1 March 2009 (audio ripped)

strong baby featuring GD…his rap was f**kin (sorry ^^;) AWESOME! “..follow ma step, follow ma skillz and then get knocked down” >.<
Strong Baby ft. GD

Stand Up (remix) GD version


he sang the remixed song alone~~~

(thanks for Vicky @ HQBB for audio cover and the song~)
Stand Up (remix) GD ver.

Global Warning Concert (audio ripped)

i ripped my Global Warning audio…enjoy~~
click here

BigBang – Until Whenever (HQ audio ripped from Global Warning DVD)

Until Whenever in a better audio quality…TuT this song dedicated to VIPZ….and i think the lyric is sooo emotional~ i like listen to this song on afternoon, at 4pm while laying down on bed…gah~~
bigbang_until whenever

BigBang – Ice Cream CF Song

Ice Cream chuseyoo~~~~ cutie song!^^
BigBang_ice cream

WonderBang @ MBC gayo daejun Dec 31 2009 (audio ripped)

they sang Irony (taeyang & sunye), Lie (seungri & yoobin), Tell Me (GD & sohee), Haru Haru (daesung & yeeun), Nobody (TOP & sunmi).
BigBang sang So Hot (boy version), and Wonder Girls sang Last Farewell (girl version). its the BEST collaboration ever in 2009!

WonderBang @ MBC gayo daejun (audio ripped)

BigBang ‘STYLISH’ – FILA song

I’ve been listened to this song, more than 5 times in a row!^^
FILA_Stylish song

Haru haru acoustic @ KJE Chocolate 241208 (Audio Ripped)

This version of Haru haru melting my knees into a jelly~ so melodious, sweet, while it also very sad….
Haru haru acoustic live performance

Lady_GD version

This is ‘ANOTHER’ version of Lady by GDragon
(c) gyang @ bigbang Live Journal

Lady_GDragon version

But I Love You_GREAT Concert (Audio Ripped)

Yeah~, I rip it…although I know there was a GREAT Concert CD, but I dont have it and so I rip it..hahas^^
But I Love You (Audio rip)_GREAT Concert

Hot Issue_ SBS radio (Audio Ripped)

Audio rip of Hot Issues on Radio show (ah~ I forgot the name…but its SBS radio). Actually this show is before they released Hot Issues album (why I know this, bcoz GD is still with his ‘buns’…lol)
Hot Issue (SBS radio_audio rip)