G-Dragon will launch his solo album “Hearbreaker” on August 18th. But has now decided to double and release TWO albums. “Heartbreaker” and “브리드 (Breathe)”. With a total of 18 songs.

Agency YG Entertainment said, “G-Dragon will perform on SBS Inkigayo on August 23rd, as the first broadcast.” The promotions for “Heartbreaker” and “Breathe” will be together, but two seperate albums.

The two albums will include a total of 18 songs, and will be released at 11:00am. in Korea, August 18th.

In addition to G-Dragon working on these songs, Teddy and Kush, and also newly brought composers from Sweden participated too, as composers and they cooperated with G-Dragon.

The same director who was in charge of 2NE1’s “Fire” Music video, is also the director for G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker”. With blonde hair and intense bleaching, G-Dragon’s strong image can be seen along with his album.

Credits: newsen
Translations: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com