G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 11th, 6:46 AM ] Are you sleeping well? I’m still working hard on shooting (the music video). I took this picture in Japan because the rainbow was so pretty *chuckles* Anyway, good night everyone^^ Ah, and you know that I’ll reveal

G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 11th, 10:53 AM] Everyone, the music video shooting is finally finished. We really worked hard shooting itㅜ It’s raining, so pack your umbrella and I’ll see you later today D-DAY. I want to get some sleep, bye^^

G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 11th, 3:53 PM] Ah, I shouldn’t keep doing this, but the title song release countdown is starting now, enjoy it~

G-Dragon’s Update: [Aug. 11th, 5:05 PM]The style I’m most confident with?! How is it, do you like it? HEARTBREAKER

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