Big Bang GDragon, who will be releasing his first solo album on his birthday coming 18th August, has showed off what seems like a big project in the making.

He did the filming for his MV on 7th August in a filming set in NamYangJoo. He has been preparing for his solo debut set to take place on 18th August. According to the staff working at the filming set, more than 10 large-size filming sets are used to achieve high perfection for GDragon’s MV.

The staff themselves were surprised at how big scale this project is when they were told about it.

And for the filming that, there is not reveal of how it is going to be like, and GDragon did the filming in secrecy, and this attracts even more attention from music industry experts. Much interests into how the music and the MV to the producer and leader of team Big Bang will turn out to be.

One of the representative said, “It will be music beyond what everyone can expect and the MV will give fans a surprise too.”

Meanwhile, other members from Big Bang like TaeYang and DaeSung will also be releasing their new solo albums within this year.