well….today is D-12 before “D-DAY” GD’s 1st solo album released. And… i found this floating on soompi, GD me2day account!!!! today is my birthday isnt it? LMAO…
not only 2NE1 that had their me2day account,,, but now, GD had one too! ahahahahah…i must be definitely INSANE right now…but yeah, i’ll try to keep UPDATING me2day Mr.Dragon…

(c)taijizero @ youtube

me2cast Episode #1 – JingYo’s here (Voice clip says “Hello, this is Kwon JiYong. From today, I am in keeping a me2DAY, and… Ah, from now on, join me in my everyday life on me2DAY. Check it out~”)
(c)BBme2DAY @ twitter

and here’s first pic that come from his 1st me2day. GDCL <3….
“they looks like long-lost brother-sister