Known for their great hits like ‘Crazy’, ‘Last Greeting’ and ‘How’, one of Korea’s greatest producer Brave Brothers will be releasing their first single album on the same day as idol group Big Bang leader GDragon is releasing his solo album.

The Brave Brothers who were once the representative producer for YG Entertainment and has gone on to set up their own Brave Entertainment. And 8 years in preparation, they will release their first single album ‘Attitude’ on 18th August.

And about the title song ‘Attitude’, the Brave Brothers said, “Through this album, we want to show to others ‘this is really my music’, and we had used 8 years to prepare for it.”

Brave Brothers‘ style of music for their first single will use the hip hop beat together with their usual cyber sound.

And about releasing their album on the same day as Big Bang GDragon, since they had been producers in YG Entertainment and has even produced songs like ‘Last Greeting’ for Big Bang, they said, “It seems there will be some competition since we are releasing it on the same day and that we are said with good intentions to have ‘teacher-student’ relationship back then. I’m looking forward to it.”

And last on their track meant to be released for their American advanced being leaked online, “Currently we are investigating into how it got leaked. We will also do all the necessary amendments so that our music do not get leaked out again. We will do the preparation works so that this album, 8 years in the making, will not get leaked out.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang leader GDragon will also release his first solo album on his birthday on 18th August.

(c)sookyung @ KBites