News have came late that Big Bang member GDragon had made a surprise appearance on SBS Inkigayo to congratulate 2NE1 on their 1st Mutizen.

2NE1 had won their 1st Mutizen with their debut song ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on 14th June. This is their 1st #1 after 6 years of training for the members.

On 15th, a staff from Inkigayo said, “GDragon had appeared for 2NE1’s encour performance after winning #1 on the show. He had enjoyed the moment of joy together as senior-junior singers from the same company.”

But the full encore performance was not shown hence viewers were not able to see his appearance.

credits: sookyung @ KBites

During Gong Minji’s rap, G Dragon went on stage and did a dance that was similar to his part from the Fire MV. Fans on the scene became truly excited when GD made an unexpected entrance onto the stage.
However 2NE1’s encore stage couldn’t be shown on the live broadcast and many viewers at home couldn’t see GD on stage.
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translation: GEE @ ygladies