yong leaderPopular group Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon had great responsibility about group activities like a team leader.

G-Dragon said on a recent meeting with a journalist about his solo album, “I feel very sorry to the fans for the postponement of my solo album. However, Big Bang’s activities are more important than my solo album.”

G-Dragon’s solo album was due to be released in April or May at first. However, it was pushed back farther to August according to what Yang Hyun Seok wrote recently on the YG Entertainment official homepage.

Yang said in regard to this, “G-Dragon had a sort of a slump with depression-like symptoms. I think that because he had no real vacation after debut, he was exhausted mentally and physically, and the pressure about his solo album got to him.”

G-Dragon, who recently went to Europe and Japan for a half-month vacation, smiled and said, “Because I had been working a lot since debut, I was more or less tired, and it is true that my head was a little complicated due to the pressure from my solo album, but in the end, it was not depression like people were worrying.”

According to G-Dragon, the pressures regarding his solo album were that he had to show people a style that’s apart from Big Bang. He said, “The album is already mostly finished, but until the moment that we reveal the album, I’ll have to think endlessly about a style that’s only mine. Because of that, I want to keep the genre of the album or album concept a secret until I’m sure.”

About this vacation, he said, “If I had a little more freedom, I would have wanted to see more places while I’m there, but I just got a tour of London and Paris and then went to Japan. Personally, I liked London more with its large population and hustle-bustle. When I was vacationing, I just enjoyed that moment thoughtlessly, but when I came back, my head was clearer.”

G-Dragon and the Big Bang members are leaving for Japan on the 28th. They will stay in Japan for about a month to work on breaking into Japan locally after participating in the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009 to be held at Japan Saitama Super Arena on the 30th. G-Dragon’s solo album is due to be revealed after Big Bang’s Japanese activities.

He added, “About these Japanese activities, I consider the fact that we’re being active more important than the fact that we’re trying to break out into a major market. The solo album could be postponed further according to the Japan activities. However, like I said, to me, Big Bang is my first priority.”

Source: edaily SPN

Translation: BBJet@ygworld.wordpress