about GD album………
Unfortunately, GD’s solo album which was planned to be introduced in April is delayed.
About 2 months ago, I heard GD is having a hard time and I had some deep conversation with him. He had a kind of slump or felt depressed more than I predicted to be.
I think he was tired both physically and psychologically as he never had any proper rest since his debut and also the fact that the album is his first solo album gave him a lot of pressure.

Even BIGBANG stopped their official activities, preparation of BIGBANG’s Japan album planned to be introduced in June and lots of TV commercial shootings were piled up. Therefore, it’s true that he hadn’t have enough time to prepare his solo album.
I felt so sorry to see him having a hard time because I always expected much from him without giving enough time and environment.

Therefore, I told him “The time is not to be concerned so prepare as long as you want~” and ordered him to pause the producing of 2NE1’s debut album temporarily.
It’s because a plan just in front of us is important but GD recovering to his best condition was much more important. Also, I thought fans would think the same as me.

Maybe after 1 month, GD came back to his bright image and now he’s concentrating on the album of his own will.
Contemporarily, I’m predicting the album to be a mini album with 7 songs. The songs are very fresh that are different from the songs GD had introduced before as he coproduced with new composers. I’m very satisfied with the songs as they highlight GD’s music style very well.

GD flied to Europe yesterday and will stay there for about 8 days to get some ideas of his album’s style. Because of BIGBANG’s Japan activities planned to be in June and July, GD’s solo album would be introduced around August. Please understand me.

about GD composing…….
I think there are several small misunderstandings and rumors on GD’s composing as most of the songs are co-produced.
For example, some say GD’s just putting his name on a song that the co-producers composed mostly. Also, some say “How can he be composing when he can’t even rearrange a song?”
I’m announcing you that for all the songs GD co-produced, he made the melody, rap and lyrics 100% except for the accompaniment.

The composers in YG tend to make the accompaniment (base line or beat) before they make melody and they even make 2 to 3 beats a day.
To tell you the process of a song produced, GD chooses some beats he prefers from hundreds of beats that the composers have made, and GD composes melody and lyrics by himself at home. Then he pre-record (demo) the music and when the song is decided to be in an album, BIGBANG members discuss with each other and then they record the music after some practice.

YG composers are very critical and do their best to make a completed piece of music so the beats they have are not easy to be presented in public. As a result, co-producing with GD is a ‘win-win’ strategy for each other.
Like GD doesn’t participate in making the base line (or beats), the co-producers don’t involve in the melody and lyrics that GD composed even a 1%. (This is same for the songs TOP had composed.)

Anyway, I hope there are no more misunderstanding upon this issue again.

credits: 연쓰승리사랑 @ bbvipz overseas

in the beginning YG shouldnt give us about when his solo album would released. YG was too much promising without concerned his artist…but thankfully, now, he just let GD to go on vacation in europe. And i found GD was so much stressed…*sigh* he looks like not in stressed, poor boy~ yaeh, he just flied to europe yesterday, refreshen his mind…(many korean artists were depression, and ended in suicide, gosh~ i didnt want Ji being like that! Ji! have fun in europe!)