credit: sookyung @ KBites

Popular group Big Bang leader GDragon has once again sparked up a topic about his hairstyle. GDragon’s appearance for SeungRi’s last performances of ‘Strong Baby’ had caught the attention of fans.

He appeared in a suit and a hairstyle, which may give off a real rustic look if not style correctly, that looks retro.


Not only is GDragon’s music style said to be unique, so is his fashion sense, which other guys may not be able to pull off as well. This is not the first time that GDragon’s fashion style has caught the attention of fans and netizens.

Ever since Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ days, GDragon has tried many different hairstyles, from the ‘apple hair’ in Lies (which sparks off a whole trend amongst the other artistes like WonderGirls SoHee and SuJu ShinDong), to the ‘bangs hair’ in ‘Last Farewell’ days to his Mohican and ‘unbalance hair’ in ‘Sunset Glow’ days.

One of the Big Bang’s main stylist talked about the reason to GDragon’s ability to pull off the different types of hairstyles, “GDragon, compared to anyone else, is not afraid to try out new hairstyle. He is someone who is able to present a unique style naturally and with confidence.”

The stylist added, “For the first half of this year when GDragon will release his solo album, he will also be trying out another unique hairstyle.”

for me, hair band suits him a lot..even mohican worked well in his head, but its too extreme..
gah…i hope in his next solo album he doesnt ‘put’ too weird hairstyles……