credit: sookyung@ K Bites

GDragon, leader to idol group Big Bang, speaks up directly about criticisms about his fashion on ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’ last year.

GDragon had wore a top with prints ‘69′ and ‘Fuck you too’ amd ‘I ♥ SEX’ onto the stage then and was in the centre of criticisms after that.

In Big Bang’s book ‘Shouting to you in the world’ released on 28th January, GDragon gave his stand about the incident.
He said, “The clothes I wear is not about price or brand but about expression. When I say that music is the energy that moves me, fashion and clothes are the platforms for widening imagination. I had always wanted to work in the fashion industry if given the time and opportunity, and in my spare time of writing songs, I do make drawings and designs of clothes.”

“I wear my clothes with no relations to social standards but just as I feel like it but this has got me many criticisms along the way too. But the issue is also raised that as an entertainer in the centre of many’s attention, my conduct should be reconsidered and appropriate.” He added carefully.

“And especially so as a young singer wearing what is said to be a suggestive top and standing in front of the media on the stage. But I’m just wearing it because the tee shirt is one of the products by my favourite designer John Galliano and I liked it a lot.”

“And regarding my comment, ‘I don’t know anymore’ which was seen as an excuse by many, I have to apologise on my part of carelessness on that.”

Meanwhile, more juicy insights to the 5 Big Bang members in their recently-released book ‘Shouting to you in the world’. They will also be holding a press conference on the 6th.

OMO…it’s John Galliano’s T-Shirt…I never thought that..and yeah..for those who did critics him, have you heard the word ‘FASHION’??? ^^;