–in 21 part–


credit: mamip @ youtube

opening: With U

Shake It

Haru haru + Heaven

Baby baby + Always

Come be my lady

So Beautiful

Everything + La la la

This love

How Gee

Together forever

intro + Number 1


Make Love

we belong together (remix)

Prayer + Look at only me


Big Boy


Look at me gwisoon

Good Man

Oh my baby

haaaaaaaaaargh~~~~ breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!! not yet finish watching this~ still downloading……..GOD, the japanese must be soooooo LUCKY ^^

now, for the reviews:

BIG BOY – OMGD (oh my GD!), TOP such a real bad boy,,,and…he hugged ji hye (dancer) whoaaa~~

COME BE MY LADY – this song have a great choreography. but i think the camera not enough to filmed their moves (i think the cameraman didnt have a nice angle for the boys ^^). When Jiyongie sat on stairs…gah~ killed me, so effin sexy (and you must watch the fancam too, focused on him…lol) also butt’s DJ-ing,,,LOL. And in the end, the boys hugged their dance partner (no need to get jealous girls ^^).

MAKE LOVE – nice song, nice stage performance. And, all i wanna say is, listen carefully at TOP’s rap line “..bumpin grinding, perfect timing. lets dine and both be pride”, tottaly a MESS (so sorry to say this~ LOL). But jiyongie always perfect at engrish (english i mean ^^) rapping line.

WE BELONG TOGETHER (REMIX) – yay! reeeemiiiiiiiix! G-TOP open the song…so funny at beginning,,,G-TOP moves,,,XDDDD. Not forget to mention, Jiyongie’s famous WAVE dance, along with the female dancers…wave~ wave~ wave~

REMEMBER – Jiyongie wore a rain coat? XDDDD

EVERYTHING – Jiyongie still wore a blue rain coat XDD. And the boys did a ‘chest pump’ dance…haha~ so much rainism (oops!).

LA LA LA – (can i laugh my butt off first?) puhahahahaha XDDDD. whats funny??! ahemm…well, take a look carefully after Jiyong did his split back (like he always did at la la la performances). As I mention before, he wore a blue raincoat (as we know, raincoat is LONG coat), and he did split back, guess what happened? his rain coat covered his face like an idiot…XDDD. sorry to say jiyongie, but i have to tell this, this was so funny ^^. better you took off your raincoat (and topless please O_O) when you want to split back, LOL.

LOOK AT ME GWISOON – konbanwa d-lite desu~~~~ ha ha ha ha…it was changed…haha…LOL. and the japanese seems enjoying so much the song ^^ and also he did Taeyang’s Look At Me dance moves…

HOT ISSUE – OMGD! he’s so f.uck’in sexy (oops, sorry) and dorky.

THIS LOVE – “…pyeongshinidae!” (sorry if i did a mistake in spelling), and then he said, “uso janai…hontoni?”. puhahaha ^^

LIE – whoaaaaa~ the vip japanese shouting like the vip koreans did! great~~~ kwon jiyong, dong youngbae, choi seunghyun, kang daesung, lee seung hyun…

LAST FAREWELL – puhahahahahahahaha~~~ at first i was searching for TOP..where is he? then, i spot a guy with a dinosaur hat, i thought he was a dancer. then when top’s rapping, that dinousaur guy did the raps..OMO, he’s TOP! wearing a dinosaur hat…then jiyong said “..t..t..top..di..di..di.no..saur” LOL

ALWAYS – TOP still wore dinosaur hat…and he kept playing with the hat LOL. also, he take his own picture by one of the dancer…gah~ so dorky.


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