sure thing, its kinda advice from me, a 23 year old girl. If you want to read this, make sure that you’re above 14 years old. or, you should ask your mom to guiding…XDDDDDD

oh, i added a video~~~ *EVIL*


happy??? puhahahahahahahahaha~
omo…i wish i could be in a TOP position (gah~~ i’m so pervert. and i’m thinking a BAD stuff when i saw this for too long)

the translate:
YB: yea, GD must be cold right now, so we’ll just test how hard his nipples are… TOP.
TOP: *pinches GD’s nipple*
GD: *looks down* HEY OW! LOL *giggles & shrinks in pain/pleasure*
YB: yea so anyways…

credit: iluvbigbangforever @ youtube

stripped off his wife beaters…and TOP pinched his nipple…then he screams in pain *cough* pleasure *cough*

credit: DCGD / BlogNaver / ellamy@bigbangchina/ CHOITOPTHAILAND
melly/gdluvzmc @ bigbang fansite click here to original news
(its not over yet!)
here are the rest:

infamous nipple appeared ^^ wehehehehe…its a fan service?! XDDD