credit: threewordsmagik @ youtube

+__+ this is what happened when i couldnt sleep, 01:15am

Jiyong and his mom

his mom was cooking for them (kinda like..bulgoggi?! ah~ I’m so hungry Jiyongie~)… and in the last scene, you’ll see how the GOOD boy listen and OBEY his mom’s words…

Jiyong scolding his team

Kwon-leader is angry at his team members, Daesung and Hyunseung for not being able to nail the choreography as the battle with Seunghyun (Seungri)’s team nears. As testified by the members and himself, Jiyong is extremely serious about his work and is a perfectionist. These are among the qualities that qualify him as the leader of BB. On the downside, he is easily strung out over little mistakes and is very vocal when angry. He doesn’t shout, but his words bite. Watched this vid with sub @ MTV (MTVAsia is having rerun), and some of the stuff he said to the two boys…can make a grown man cower.

WHOOAAAA~~ dont let the dragon angry…it just too scared….not cute and sexy at all! >.<

Dance practice for SE7EN, Jiyong is sexy

he’s sexy~ (well it said in youtube), but i think i point in the ‘sexy’ is when he’s SWEATING (well, in the beginning of BigBang’s debut, he’s too skinny~)…who’s agreed with me?! ^^

3 different part of Kwon Ji Yong…good boy, angry leader, and…sexii guy^^