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Songwriter Kim In Ah’s blog on her Cyworld Minihompy Diary titled “Kwon Ji Yong – The Young Little Genius”

This is a translation of Songwriter Kim In Ah’s Cyworld Minihompy diary blog about Jiyong. She worked with him for a little bit, and she compliments him a lot and gives her opinions on him in this post.

Honestly I have not witnessed many incidences of kids recording and such for themselves because they all do it nowadays, but the few episodes I’ve witnessed all had me leaving thinking ‘Ah, Ji Yong is a geniusㅜㅜ.’

Personally, I think if Young Bae was the person who made an unexpected ‘He had this kind of side to him?’-ish impact after Big Bang’s debut, Ji Yong was the member who, from the beginning, gave the feeling that ‘First off, Big Bang will get big because of him.’

His ‘sense’ [T/A: or good judgement], which I often even wrote about passionately in my diary, is more and more surprising if you view its course, and it has the greatest edge that even I, who have worked with him for a little bit, am proud of.

Yang president, who detected his ‘sense’ early, would carelessly give Ji Yong a track, regardless of his schedule, and say ‘Make up a melody for this~ so we can sing it tomorrow’ or ‘Write lyrics for this~ Oh yeah, we’re going to record it later tonight,’ making him do things that were near impossible.

When I would enter the recording studio thinking it’s impossible, of course, he would rarely have the lyrics written in advance or something along those lines.

He would grumble at Yang president’s difficult requests and would sit lazily almost as if he’s lying down, saying things like ‘Yeh baybee’ and ‘Yo, dis iz show time’ to himself, making raps. Then he would suddenly go in the recording studio and smoothly work things out. The melody lines and raps he produces, while sitting in his many unique positions, are truly artwork.

Especially, in ‘Anystar’’s (Lee Hyo Ri Feat. Lee Jun Ki) case, which sadly wasn’t released formally, it includes Ji Yong’s ‘cooly’ reinterpreted rap that may have even more or less embarrassed Lee Jun Ki if he had heard it in person. He made that on the spot as well, and watching that magnificent rap be made in an instant, I, who have a producer as a husband, almost drooled from desiring him. ㅡㅠㅡ

His work speed is very fast, and the way he directs people, whether they’re older or younger, without being coldhearted is very marvelous. Seeing what I wrote, it’s almost on a fanfic level, but I can’t help it. Even now, every time I see Big Bang come out, I hold onto my husband and compliment Ji Yong, and he gets a bit annoyed.

Maybe the only thing he still lacks is the skill of making tracks or accompaniments. However, in today’s trend where a shot of ‘sense’ is more important than a magnificent arrangement, Ji Yong is truly the gem of all gems. If you add track-making skill on top of what he already has, he can become a true musician for not only years from now on but in the long run. (Of course it’s surprising that he, who is incomplete, is even this much. Trickle. Ah, I’m sweating again.)

Strangely, Yang president always cared about the way his trainees dressed, and a lot of times I thought ‘Why is that important.’ But, I think I know why now. Strangely, the ‘sense’ in dressing well appears when making music too. ‘Sense’ is not prominent in only one place. Singing well and dancing well can be developed from training to a degree but not ‘sense.’ It is something you’re ‘born with’.

Speaking of clothing, if Kim Hyung Suk and Yoo Hee Yul in this folder [T/N: of her Minihompy] are like Chung Dam Dong’s brand name shops, Ji Yong is about 10 Corso Comos? Heh heh.
Since he has just cracked out of his eggshell, I look forward to the days he is going to grow more. Even though some composers in this society treat him as ‘a kid who doesn’t compose well,’ the differences in the tracks before Ji Yong’s participation and after his participation are very big. Regardless of what people say, without Ji Yong, there wouldn’t be Big Bang’s hit songs.

– side note : when Koreans use the word ’sense,’ they mean it as something more than ‘common sense.’ Like, thinking above everyone or outside the box or just knowing what to needs to be done but more than just ‘acceptable’.

gyaaaahahahahaha…he always grumbled to Mr. YG’s tasks but he always done it in a good way. He got his ‘IDEAS’ while sitting in various unique positions ^^, I’m imagining it and make a big grin in my face…lol
even, a married songwriter adore him as well….gah~
This is REALLY makes me more PROUD of him TuT
and also, his writting skill is one of the reasons why I adore him so much. For the truth, I must say that at the times when I listen BigBang songs(written by JiYong) carefully with a full english translation, sometimes that lyrics blown me away~~~~ and sometimes it makes my tears falls down never stop (haru haru, lie, but i love you). Suddenly I think, ‘this guy admitted as a rapper, but why he can wrote such a good damn teary love song?!’. the last important thing, WITHOUT JIYONG, THERE WOULDN’T BE BIGBANG’s HIT SONG. thats right!…..

well, i should stop before I’m going to making an essay about this…XDDDD