(News on: March 17 2008)
On an episode of Star Golden Bell, a subtitle error had audiences believing that G-Dragon of Big Bang had asked Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls out on a date.

Ga-in had denied the rumor, however a subtitle goof up and similarities in pronunciation (‘맞습니다’ and ‘말씀드릴 수 없다’ – ‘Yes’ and ‘I cannot tell’) caused a bit of chaos.

Ga-in had later cleared up the mess and set the record straight that G-Dragon did not ask her out.

G-Dragon fan girls can now rest, assured that G-Dragon is still single and available, which of course increases their chances exponentially… right?
Source: allkpop

080thanks God its just rumour… although if he wants a idol female celebrity, ah~~ i better suggest him…ummmm….*cough* Sunye *cough*