(News on: Aug 27 2008)
A lot of netizens / VIP’s are talking lately about Big Bang member G-Dragon’s controversial shirts. He stirred up some controversy when during the MNet Choice Awards he wore a shirt that had stickers of “I ❤ Sex”, “69”, and “F#ck You Too.” A similar reaction also occurred when he wore a shirt of a bare breasted lady during a live performance not too long ago.

Netizens / VIP’s are also talking about G-Dragon’s fashion sense or lack thereof. In recent photo shoots he was seen wearing a weird outfit (that you can see below). He’s also been criticized for sporting a haircut that resembles a half eaten pineapple. It seems it was clearly influenced by The Supreme Kai of Dragon Ball Z:

Some are suggesting that the mental patient he plays in “Oh My Friend” isn’t far off from the truth. On some message boards, VIP’s are suggesting that G-Dragon is trying to steal the spotlight. Suggesting that he’s trying to be the “main man” of Big Bang and that he knew that the actions he took would get people to talk about him. Well it seems to be working, but the talk hasn’t been positive. Which is unfortunate because here’s a little secret, I’m a big fan of Big Bang, not G-Dragon in particular but the whole group makes pretty good music.
Source: allkpop

057 gosh~, allkpop…man….its just fashion…you hear me? FASHION! i said