(News on Dec 15 2008)

Plans for first half of 2009 for Big Bang has been revealed.

Big Bang’s leader and also one of the producers for the team’s music GDragon revealed, “After Big Bang’s concert at the start of next year, we will take the time to rest and after which in August, we will be coming out with a new album in August, and possibly showing a better and more professional side of us.”

He continued, “But that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing the Big Bang members’ music and performances for the first half of 2009. I will be coming out with my first solo album in the first half of 2009 and TaeYang will also be coming out with his 2nd solo album.”

It has also be made known from members TOP, DaeSung and SeungRi, “That Big Bang members will each be active in different areas next year. We will be doing a lot of self-development, and we will also work to show everyone a different and improved Big Bang.”

credit: sookyung, K Bites

woot…woot… another busy year for this boys~~ ah… I think I dont want to see them faint in the 2009!
BigBang’s new album, GD 1st SOLO ALBUM, taeyang 2nd solo album…gah~~ poor my wallet…..