In this episode, the Family members have to play a “saranghae” game. The game goes by: members have to give the person sitting next to him or her a look and then give a love confession by saying “saranghae”. And the person receiving the love confession, have to refrain from talking and the game moves on. For players who smile willreceive a forfeit which is a kiss from that the 2 persons sitting next to him or her.

Accidentally on this episode, the two persons sitting beside Hyori were Big Bang DaeSung and GDragon. And Hyori had received a kiss from DaeSung and GDragon, which had caused a lot of complaints from other Family members when they saw the restrained look on Hyori’s face.
GDragon’s confession goes by, “I had felt that since a long time ago, so it is love” and Hyori had a tiny laughing sound. With that Yoo Jae Seok and Yoon Jung Shin protested by, “What is this?”, “This is not right..” voicing the doubt about Hyori’s laugh.

Hyori had then continue by bursting out in laughters, despite the strong protests from other Family members. It had seemed that there is a possibility of enduring the laughter but Hyori had intentionally laughed to receive the forfeit.

source: gonews

ah~..Hyori…nice strategy to get a bigbang kiss…I agree with you, and, who didnt do such a fake laugh to get a kiss from Jiyong and Daesung?!