(News on: Jun 03 2008)
On a recent episode of MBC ‘Come to Play (놀러와)’, actress Go Joon Hee (real name: Kim Eun Joo, 24) revealed that her ideal guy is Big Bang’s G-Dragon (real name: Kwon Ji Yong, 21).

During the ‘Starline’ portion of the show, Go Joon Hee was asked which celebrity she would like to meet most, she said Big Bang. She then stated, “Out of all the members, G-Dragon is my ideal guy.” When asked if they have ever met or had any exchanges, she replied that she wanted to remain as just a fan. The show went on with Go Joon Hee wishing Big Bang great success.

If G-Dragon really is her ideal man, she’s definitely one of those pedophile teachers who are into little school boys.
Source: allkpop

yeah rite…who doesnt wants ‘a piece’ of Kwon Ji Yong fosho’?!052