(News on: December 1 2008)
The December issue of men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena’ cover picture has been the topic amongst many netizens.

‘Arena’ came up with the ‘The 3rd A-Awards’ together with Audi Korea on Korea’s black collar workers. Of the list of prize winners like baseball team director Kim Kyung Moon, actor Ha Jung Woo, designer Jung Wook Joon, novelist Lee Wae Soo, designer museum representative Kim Myung Han, comes a name that many are familiar with – singer GDragon of Big Bang.

The winners on the list has a age spectrum of one who is born in 1946 (Lee Wae Soo) to one who is born in 1988 (GDragon). They were all dressed up a black suit for the cover of ‘Arena’, looking really smart together.

The 8 selected on the A-Awards are people who are highly recommended and selected for the field of economy, culture, fashion and publishing etc.

They are the men of this era who does well in terms of cultivating what’s within and out of them, and are acknowledged by the others in the same field as them.

Under the style category, GDragon, the leader of 2008 Korea’s best group Big Bang, was selected. He was born in 1988 and after taking part in ‘2001 Korea’, he debuted as ‘Big Bang‘ in 2006 and after 2 years into debut, he was selected for the representative of the 20s as the ‘best style icon’.

As part of Big Bang, GDragon has done lyrics, composed new songs and was picked as the ’strategist’ to lead the group. Of the 9 years of experience in the society and still learning and upgrading himself with everyday, this 20-year-old youth is the style icon and the representative of the 20s in Korea.

A ceremony will be held on 9th December in Grand Hyatt Seoul for The 3rd ‘A-Awards’.

Credit: sookyung
Source: sookyeong.wordpress.com