(News on Dec 19 2008)

Big Bang leader G-Dragon has confessed about he had nightmares after fearing that fellow DaeSung, who has been active on TV program ‘Family Outing’, will really go away.

G-Dragon said on the episode of KBS ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2′ set to air on 23rd December that he had envied fellow member and also one of the long-time star appearance on SBS ‘Good Sunday – Family Outing’ DaeSung.

He said, “In my dreams, I dreamt that DaeSung, caught in between the Big Bang and ‘Family Outing’ members, has without hesitation chose ‘Family Outing’ members over Big Bang members. I was afraid that he would leave us.”

He also said that he found it disturbing that DaeSung, who would talk to him softly and comfortable in their normal conversations, would shout “This is DaeSung~!” in the ‘Family Outing’ episodes where he is waiting for his call before departure in the waiting room.

G-Dragon even give an example of how their president Yang Hyun Seok has been jealous of DaeSung on ‘Family Outing’. Because of his busy schedule, sometimes DaeSung will not be able to answer calls during filming, including that of Yang Hyun Seok. There was once when DaeSung had called back again, Yang Hyun Seok had said, “You would definitely pick up Yoon Jong Shin’s call but will not pick up mine”.

credit: sookyung, K Bites