(News on: November 19 2008)
Recently, there has been so much talk about group Big Bang.
The most recent one will be TOP and Lee Hyori’s kiss performance on MKMF, receiving heated discussion on the internet. And DaeSung on SBS ‘Family Outing’ which recently also broke record with the highest viewership. Their 2nd album title song ‘Sunset Glow’ flying up music charts, as always. And them doing so many endorsements lately, hitting into the CF world as ‘big models’.
With DaeSung absent for the interview away for the filming of ‘Family Outing’, the other 4 members opened up and talked about their recent news updates and also criticisms aimed at them about their dressing etc.
Their sense of humour increases with every interview, Big Bang confessed, “We are more worried about what to do in the future.”

Q: First of all, TOP, what are you going to do about all the talk regarding your kiss performance during MKMF?
TOP: I have to make do with whatever everyone make of the performance. Just accidentally. This is really worrisome an answer. (Laugh)
Q: Is there any special reason why TOP gets chosen out of the 5 members for this?
SeungRi : Because we need someone who has strong acting skills for this, we thought it is best we get TOP hyung to do this performance.
Q: Whose idea was it for SeungRi’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ performance?
SeungRi: Hyori noona made a male version of the song and was wondering aloud how it would be like to have me do it. I have no idea why too. (Laugh)
Q: Let’s go into our main topic of the interview. ‘Sunset Glow’ is a remake? Or is it a sampling?
SeungRi: It’s sampling, isn’t it. It’s like how previously Se7en hyung did a sampling of Seo Taiji and Boys‘ ‘I Know’. Part of the melody remains and the rest are new creations and compositions.
Q: Big Bang has received a lot of plus-points for their creativity. There was no thoughts of releasing the official album with totally new songs?
TaeYang: For our first official album, we did a little cynical rendition on the idea of ‘money does it all’ with ‘Dirty Cash’. The official album reflects on the social atmosphere.
When president Yang told us that we will be doing ‘Sunset Glow’ we were a little doubtful about it. But after finishing the album, the song was well received. We also thought that the elders will enjoy the album. We recorded it during our 3rd minialbum (promotion), it came out well and we thought it really should be used as a title song.
Q: Because this is an official album, so the promotional activities should also last for quite a long time.
TaeYang : We will be doing a concert next January. We will be promoting earnestly till then, and we will be heading to America after that.
Q: GDragon seemed unwell. You even had sunglasses on.
GDragon: No. Yesterday (17th November) I slept for a long time. Had eye infection. Will have to have my sunglasses on the whole day.
TOP: We all slept a lot. We are feeling a little nervous.
Q: Have your know-how to fight sleep increased a little at least?
TaeYang: Not for DaeSung who can overcome sleep. You have to sleep when you have to. (Laugh) Last time, when it’s time to sleep, it was all personal or work time. But now, when it’s time, everyone goes to sleep.
Q: All these shows us just how busy you guys have been. Big Bang’s position now, are you not satisfied?
TaeYang: We didn’t think it that way. The journey is still a far one for us. It’s been only 3 years since we started. We all are aware of the love that everyone gives us, whenever we think of that it makes us wants to work hard. We are actually quite worried about where our directions in the future.
Q: What are Big Bang’s strengths?
GDragon : The first will have to be that our specialisations are all different. Our team dimensions are also quite different and unique in our way. We have different talents in our team. Our weaknesses, none. (Laugh)
TOP: Until now we don’t feel that we have a weakness. If we think that there are limits, we will start thinking that there are things that we are unable to achieve and show to the world when we are performing on stage.
GDragon: Uhm. Sometimes because we are short of time, it is impossible for us to fix all the details during our practices. Due to the really short time duration we are given, we do have to use complements during our performances to make up.
Q: There is such a cute atmosphere to ‘Sunset Glow’. TOP ssi, you seems a little awkward. (Laugh)
TOP: No. It seems everyone says that about me when they see me. But I think I can be sufficiently cute too. (Laugh)

———————Part 2———————–
Q: There seems to a proportionate amount of popularity and disagreement for you guys. Have you seen those disagreeing comments about you? How was it, TOP ssi?
TOP: Wait, why me? (Laugh) The truth is that we felt many of the things brought up against are really unfair for us. Initially, we were wondering how to persuade these people. But it is really hard.
TaeYang: People who wrote those comments on the internet can write whatever they wishes to say because of anonymity. It seems that this is not the problem that we should decide how to go about repairing.
TOP : If we are going to brood over these, then we will not be able to complete what we have to complete. In anyway, because we do monitor how we perform on stage, we are able to slowly develop as a group.
Q: It seems that as you gains popularity, you have much to worry for too. For one, during summer GDragon’s top was in the topic, wasn’t it?
GDragon : That was really my wrong-doing.
Q: What is the reason that there is no explanation to that after the incident?
GDragon : Uhm. I have no idea what to say. When, how and what to say – I have no idea. I did tried to do haste some explanation then that it was in my wrongdoing. I’ve done wrong.
TaeYang: It is in our wrong that the top was not accepted by many. With our apology made, we will take the care to be the best in the future.
Q: 3 years ago in an interview, ‘What is the difficult point about being a singer?’ was posed to you and the answer was ‘Nothing other than not being able to get enough sleep’, remember? If you are posed the same question now, how different will your answer be?
TOP: In anyway, you win some, you lose some. The time spent with families and friends is so much lesser, that is why the feeling of loneliness gets larger.
Q: Did you plan anything to overcome this loneliness?
TOP: No. (Laugh) There are alot of things to be happy about. It is not hard to look for solutions to it.
Q: What is the relationship amongst the members like? For other groups, dissonance arise after 2-3 years. (Laugh)
TOP: Our personalities differ alot, and so are our age. Because of this, dissonance is not a case for us. After spending so much time together, we are very much like a family. For instance when during mealtimes and when youngest SeungRi sees me packing food home, he will really treat me like a real elder brother. He was never like that before this. (Laugh) Now that our parents are also close to one another, it is impossible for us not to be like a family.
Q: Right, SeungRi you did a solo song ‘Strong Baby’ for this 2nd official album right?
SeungRi: TaeYangie hyung and Daesungie hyung all had their own solo songs. And president Yang planned a solo song for me too, asking me, “Do you want a solo song too?”. The song is composed by the person who wrote senior Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and GDragon. The meaning is like, ‘Now that I am older, here I come’. I also needed a transformation. (Laugh)
Q: Will the performance of the song be sexy just like that of Rain?
SeungRi: It may not be the case. I did think about the concept to the performance, but I don’t wish to reveal it during our concert next year.
Q: Why? Why didn’t you take up weight training?
SeungRi: TaeYang, DaeSung and TOP hyung has great built. I have been compared to them before and I was underweight. Especially in terms of the muscles.
Q: TOP. Do you exercise a lot at dawn?
TOP: Because whenever our schedule finishes, it is near dawn. We are viewed by others to be an occupation. And as time passes, we want to show others a better side of us. It will be good to present to other a healthy image.
Q: Is there any member who is on diet?
TaeYang: In anyway, we eat with much worries. It will be a wast after exercising. But JiYoung and SeungRi can eat with peace. Because JiYoung can eat as much as he like and will never gain any weight. SeungRi, well, if he likes to eat, he won’t tolerate it. (Laugh)
TOP: SeungRi will exercise earnestly but after an hour, he will end up lying down somewhere and eating his cookies. (laugh)
Q: If it is Big Bang, there is no way they will leave out fashion.
TOP: It is actually quite tough to don many accessories items when we are doing promotion outdoors.
TaeYang : Even during free periods in between albums, we have to keep changing our fashion, and it is a hard thing to do.
Q: Talking about free periods, what are you planning to do during that time next year?
TaeYang: DaeSung will still be appearing on the programs which he does, TOP will be appearing in a drama, and GDragon will come out with a solo album.
SeungRi: And for my own development, I will be learning something new. I will learn more on dance, singing and English after doing America. Other members’ accent are good, I should learn and improve on mine.
Q: English. The others are not good at it?
TaeYang: We are not looking at the best standards. But our English is understandable.
Q: If you are going to America for 2-3 months, there is possibility that we will see a new Big Bang album in the second half of the year.
SeungRi: That’s right!
Big Bang is one artiste we will have to look out for during award ceremonies this year-end. With just ‘It’s been barely 3 years’ said, they will have much more to show in their activities to come. With the every step they take, they become more matured. And when they come up with complements to their mistakes. Their journey ahead brings more anticipation, definitely one group that will not fade out.

Credit: sookyung
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