credit: sookyeong@multiply

Q1. I heard that you pay special attention to Seungri, but is it a one-sided love? Or does Seungri also show affection?

This is a problem that I have to make clear now and move on. It’s not that I like Seungri, but that Seungri likes me. I like both Seungri and Daesung. I’m also a magnae [T/N: He’s the youngest in his family], so when dongsengs appear, I’m amazed [by this new experience] and I want to bother them and take of them. This is the first time I had dongsengs, so I care for all of my dongsengs, [not just one].

Q2.Whose idea was it to have your hair in a bun when you were promoting “Lie”!??

Rather than saying it was because of an idea, I just tied my hair because it was long, but then because the reaction to it was good, it stuck.

Q3. When you are composing, what is your ideal environment? I want to know in what kind of environment and time you are most inspired and can concentrate on composing the best.

My surroundings have to be clean, I have to be alone.. The lighting has to be a little dark.. When I’m composing in the morning, I can’t compose well when it gets too bright. So I end up composing more during the night.

Q4. After you debuted, have you ever hit on an entertainer or got hit on by one?

No. So I’m a little disappointed.. I would like it if someone did hit on me..^^;;
[T/N: Thanks mikalana~ I thought it was this originally, but it was being used both as a verb and a noun so I was confused ^^]

Q5. I heard that you have a lot of connections. When you meet people, how do you approach them? And how do you manage that many connections?!

I don’t show an image of an entertainer but of myself. I just adjust by age. When they are hyungs and nunas, I’m respectful, if they are friends, I’m comfortable with them. I approach them first like this. I’m the kind of person to take care of others well and try to hang out with all of my friends. I think that I have a little too many connections…

Q6. Did you see “Lie” being sung in “Infinity Challenge”? Your thoughts?

We’re also huge fans of “Infinity Challenge”. It’s so fun. I saw “Lie” being sung, but the beat was different and they were singing a strange melody. I thought to myself that in the future, we should perform the “Infinity Challenge” version on stage. We don’t miss a single episode of “Infinity Challenge”. Because the song was played on a popular TV program, I thought, “Our song is really popular.” In my opinion, among the “Infinity Challenge” members, Yoo Jaesuk-sunbaenim did the best. There was a time when we gave our CD to Yoo Jaesuk and No Hongchul sunbaenim, but they listened to “Lie” so often that the CD kept skipping and we had to give them a new one. Because other entertainers have a good impression of our music and of Big Bang, I felt happy…

Q7. If the members fell into the water, who would you save first?

Daesung. Daesung cannot swim.. I can swim a little..

Translated by melodygreenleaf.