[Big Bang Interview Part 1]
Big Bang : “We lack sleep, but we’re happy”
Translated by melodygreenleaf.

G-Dragon “I lack sleep
The members sleep about four hours everyday. Because Big Bang’s “Lie” became so popular, their schedule got packed. Although it’s understandable that their manager would pack their schedules because they are a new group, and even though the members do not complain, they are continuously moving from one place to another. Their resting time has shortened especially from doing regional events as well. [T/N: regional events as in performances at colleges, etc. Stuff that usually doesn’t get aired.] G-Dragon said that he sleeps the least among the members. He said, “Honestly, the reason I wake up so late is that I stay up all night writing lyrics. That’s why I sometimes have less sleep than the other members. It’s never because I’m lazy. (Laugh).”

TOP’s and Taeyang’s Taste
When asked, “The member who is the pickiest when eating food?” the members chose TOP. The members said, “TOP-hyung worries for a long time when choosing something from a menu. If we say it in a good way, it’d be ‘taste’, if we say it in a bad way, it’d be ‘picky’. (Laugh).” However, TOP responded, “This is because I love food. I think Taeyang is picky.” Taeyang replied, “I’m a ‘food finder’. I look for food that I think tastes good. Among the ten foods I have found so far, I have already made two of them popular with the members.”

TOP’s dancing is weak?
When you hear Big Bang, you think of amazing rapping and fun dancing. When asked “Which member takes the longest time to memorize the the dance?” the members picked TOP. TOP said, “I agree. Compared to the other members, I have a jinx which prevents me from learning a dance quickly. During those times, I’m really embarrassed.”

Daesung “I’m a unique person”, Seungri “I’m sorry for being ‘over'”
[T/N: “Over” is what Koreans use to describe someone who overreacts]
Big Bang chose Seungri as the member that is most embarrassing to be seen with. Seungri said about this, “There has been times when I have been ‘over’ on a large stage. When I am feeling happy, I act weirdly, so I think the members are negatively affected by that. (Laugh).” The members chose Daesung as the strangest. Daesung said about this, “I have many thoughts that are a little different from what other people have. Rather than following other people, I see things from a different angle. I appear unique because I’m next to these kind of people. (Laugh).”

Big Bang: “Through our concert, we will return all the love we received from our fans.”
Big Bang said, “We want to have an enjoyable time with our fans during our “Big Bang 2007 Live Concert”, which begins on the 28th, and “2007 YG One Concert”, which opens on the 31st. We will return everything the members of YG family did for us and show our thanks to our fans by having an amazing concert.”

credit: sookyeong@multiply