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Q1. Express V.I.P. in 5 letters. (latte)

jiyong= love of my life
seungri= forever together
daesung= veeaaiiipeee
taeyang= energizer
top= what we need to improve
(it was five letters.. in korean sleep.gif)

Q2. Tell us something that people are mistakened about bigbang (jakeunseunghyulnee)

=that we are short. well, compared to other singers we may be shorter because there are really tall people in other groups. but we aren’t like really short. we’re similar to other groups except the really tall ones in the group. but when we look at our pictures we do look short. it’s because we wear hip hop pants so it looks shorter than normal.

Q3. Each Bigbang members have their own solo songs. You probably like your own songs but whats the solo song you wanted to sing that wasn’t yours? ^^ (Now)

= i love think we have one because we each received what we like and our style.
taeyang= but i kind of wanted “bigboy” because it sounds so fun.
top= i liked “ma girl” i liked all the others too but i wanted to try “my girl”

Q4. congratulations on the 2 awards from MKMF. After the award what did CEO Yang Hyunsulk say!!!? and what did you guys say to eachother?! and did you guys have a party afterward? (ppippi)

jiyong= CEO Yang HyunSulk told us “Talented because can win but people who just try cannot” between the memebers, we just said “good job.” after party.. we didn’t have our own we just ate with the people from MKMF and went home and slept. we had practice the next morning.

Q5. Guys do it too but girls do plastic surgery to look prettier… what do you guys think about that? (bigbangbanjum)

tayang= i don’t think its bad. but if you depend too much on plastic surgery it’s bad. but if it’s because of a complex you have then its okay i guess.

Q6. V.I.Ps~ famous for the unique and funny replys~ you guys probably have seen them once in awhile right? that’s the one that you remember the most? (gogo)

taeyang= they reply with our name in them for example. “Gu Ret Seung Ri Ga” (properly “Gu Ret Seup Nee Ga” meaning oh really?”) etc. we call that “bigbang font” there are young fans replying but the older fans are really funny.

Q7. How did you feel when Seo Taiji allowed you to sample his music? (new beginning)

jiyong= YG took care of everything ^^;; ummm i feel.. well, seo taiji and boys weren’t our generation but we listened to everything starting from “come back home”. We listen to them til this very day .They are our artist idol. we are the first to sample his music and we worried a lot on whether we would mess up the song

Q8. What are some parts you feel that you lack as a singer? what do you need to work on to become a better singer? ^^ (JakSeungEeSaeSang)

jiyong= i think we lack experience. We received award ans 1st place but we lack experience. we need to work on our performance and the pose on stage. when we see people such as Insoonee we think “that’s a real singer”. we need more power on stage.

Q9. what’s different from the telzone interview you had in beginning of the year and now?? your the first star to do a second interview with telzone, how do you feel? (LeeMiYeon)

taeyang= before, the questions were sort of.. well, we were new singers but most of the questiosn were based on our personal lives but now its around where we stand and the responsiblities we have.

Q10. An episode while preparing the performance with wondergirls!! (YangGengTopKe)

TOP= After the performance with wondergirls people ask “are you close with wondergirls?” but our ages are similar so we become really shy around eachother so we didn’t really talk that much.
Jiyong= during practice, we didn’t use honorifics but the very next day we were using “–yo” (honorifics) again. but wonder girls is one of the close groups we know.
daeung= i didn’t really get a chance to talk to them too.

Q11. Say a word to people who could not buy the tickets to the concert due to the fast sell out! (singingjjiiyong)

jiyong= it’s sad but we’ll try to have more concerts so that other fans can come and see. i hope you guys win next time on the war of buying the tickets haha(? wtf is he talking about)
seungri= people around me and my family asked for tickets but even our company couldn’t get our hands on them.

Q12. If you can change into another member for a day who would it be? why! (thirtysixpointfivedegrees)

taeyang= top. i want to talk with his voice and rap with his really deep voice.
seungri= daesung. i want to sing with his voice.
jiyong= seungri. i wanna be seungri and…
daesung= youngbae. has the feel of a black person. i want to feel the groove. – –
top= daesung. daesung doesn’t eat unhealthy food for his body, i want to eat everything in this body. (HAHAHA so evil)
taeyang= i wanna be top and take off my clothes. he never takes his shirt off or anything. (uhh…)

Q13. Big Bang V.I.P. you love them but something that really annoys you. tell us teh truth~ we’ll change (: (TOBY)

taeyang= not everyone does this but some people touch us. a lot of the younger fans try to touch.
jiyong= there are times when we can’t give people autographs due to schedule and it’s heart breaking when i hear them talk crap because i couldnt give them an autograph.

Q14. i’m embarassed when this member(s) do this! (LeeJungHwa)

jiyong= when daesung does his jokes, when seungri all of the sudden over reacts because he sees a fan. youngbae overreacts when he sees a fan sometimes.
daesung= myself when my jokes has no response. haha. once there were fans in the brodcasting station and seungri was overreacting. he jumped over a sign and fell and the security guy asked him ” who the hell are you?!”
taeyang= when jiyong pulls pranks anywhere. when its just us its okay but sometimes there are situations when i wish he didnt pull pranks
top= i don’t think i was ever embarassed.

Q15. __member!! it’s different how this member treats m e now than before… (HoRoongee)

Jiyong= i don’t think any of the members change. Bigbang’s not that great but sometimes seungri says “but i’m bigbang” haha when everyones all nervous before performing he says “i’m bigbang” and stays put.
top= even if we changed we’re always together so we wouldn’t really notice the change

source: daum
translated by: 1tymforyomind@ygbb